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Restoring or Reconstructing a cPanel Account Manually

These are the steps to take when you don’t have cPanel-generated cpmove or backup files but you have the old drive connected via USB port. Prerequisites: Old drive connected via USB and shell root access Create an account of the same name on the new server. Migrating Public Html Files This is the easiest part. […]

Don’t Sell Your Brand Equity to Social Media Sites

Google Plus is just the latest social media network to fall and close its doors. Who can remember Friendster, MySpace (still live but lost its popularity), Google Buzz (the predecessor to Google Plus), plus a host of now defunct social networks. Although at the time of this writing LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (which includes Instagram) […]

Why Gutenberg Editor For WordPress Should Be Optional

Gutenberg is the code-name for the new editor included as part of the core in WordPress 5.x. It is a bold update that has quite frankly ticked off a lot of people. Just look at the reviews of Gutenberg. The editor is the most critical part of any CMS (Content Management System) and making drastic […]