Business Only

True business Web hosting and a hosting environment that is ideal for businesses.

Security First

We work hard to keep your data secure and private. Security is our priority.

Performance Hosting

High performance hosting that is optimal for SEO and keeping visitors browsing your site.

Blazing Fast Hosting
Business woman

Fast Enterprise Hosting

If you are looking for FAST hosting, then you’re in the right place. Whether your customers are in the same city as you, the same country, or anywhere in the world, our focus is that your customers can connect with your business online very fast and securely.

Fully Managed

Fully-managed means you can focus on your business and delegate all of your hosting needs to us. Rest easy that your site is running  and efficiently.

We can manage all of your hosting for you, such as setting up your email accounts, uploading files, securing your site, installing updates, making regular back ups, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Web Hosting Features

Access your email via any browser and Internet connection. Our hosting features powerful webmail applications that you can use instead of a desktop app or use to check email while away from the office.

Web Stats
Get daily reports, as well as real-time reports, of who visits your website(s), from where and how they found your site(s). These tools will help you see what is working and where to direct your marketing efforts.

Top Hardware & Protection
We use latest Intel-based server technology. Our servers are securely located in a state-of-the-art data center protected from earthquakes, fire, and water damage. 24/7 technical staff is on premises to ensure smooth operation and to handle issues quickly.

1 GB per second port
1 Gigabyte per second port means your website hosted on a server with extremely fast data transfer.

24/7 Up-time Guarantee
If your website is not available to visitors because it is offline then you lose potential business. Our priority is to ensure that your Web server is online and available 24/7 with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Ultra-fast Network Routing
Our servers have optimum network connection to the Internet with high-tech secure data center in Montreal, Quebec. Your website will be always available at maximum network speed and shortest routing for your customers.

Server-side firewall protects your website(s) from brute force attacks, spam, and other hacking attempts.

Free SSL
Secure Server Layer is a way to encrypt data between your website and visitors. Keep your data and your visitor’s personal info safe. SSL builds customer confidence and improves SEO.

If being online is critical to your business

then we built our business-class hosting environment just for you.