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Domain Market Pro is a Software-as-a-Service cloud-based platform for marketing & monetizing domains through professional domain shops and landing pages.

Intuitive Back-end Office

An intuitive back-end office contains all the tools necessary to manage the front-end domain shops, store offers made on domains, provide valuable intel on offers and domains, manage content, manage domains in bulk, control multiple niche domain shops and much more.

SEO and social media functionality is built-in to take advantage of organic and social traffic.

The back-end office is fully responsive and can be easily used from a mobile device much like a mobile app.

Back-end Office

Responsive Shop Designs

Professional Responsive Front-end Designs

Front-end designs of the domain shops are also fully responsive, meaning they adjust to the size of any device, from desktop computers down to smartphones.

The domain shops are integrated with a shopping cart, spam-free make offer forms, and payment processing by PayPal or Escrow.

The designs are also fully customizable via the back-end office.

Domain Landing Pages

Domain Market Pro also features customizable landing pages that are specifically designed to capture leads or sales for individual domains.

The domain landing pages are available in a variety of styles and layouts and can contain custom content about each domain, as well as a general sales pitch.

Simplified spam-free make offer forms encourage interested parties to quickly get in touch with the domain seller. If there is a set price for a domain, in addition to the form, a “Buy Now” button is displayed. This button links to the shopping cart of the domain shop, ready for check-out.

Landing pages can be monetized with custom create ads and 3rd party ad feeds.

Domain Landing Pages


Domain names are at the forefront of business success online. Domains are how people navigate online. It is how businesses are remembered and recognized. Or not. Bad domains can do the opposite. They can confuse.

Ever since the Internet made its public debut, domains were being registered for business and advertising use. As time progressed more and more domains continued and still continue to be registered. Many as an investment or they were secured for possible business use by entrepreneurs and companies.  Eventually all good domains were virtually gone. A huge domain aftermarket was born. All the major registrars started auction platforms for expired and investment domains. Marketplaces were born that specialized in only selling registered domains. Investors see domains as a smart way to diversify their investment portfolios and companies see domains as marketing tools to get more natural traffic bypassing pay-per-click advertising.

TCK Media built the Domain Market Pro platform to help investors, brokers and naming professionals to create an online business around trading domain names. It is designed to bring exclusive portfolios and boutique-style marketplaces to the forefront and connect with end-users.