Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services will get your business on the first page of the big search engines: Google, Bing (Microsoft), and Yahoo!.

Whether your customers are within a certain geographic area or international, we have the experience and proven track record in placing our clients’ website on the top search results and greatly increasing the prospects arriving at their sites.

The Process

Your SEO campaign begins with an exhaustive research into search terms (keywords) used by your prospective customers to find your services. Next, we research your competitors and analyze the level of competition for page 1 of your target keywords. Then, we implement a campaign that will build authority and popularity of your website to outperform and rank higher than your competitors.

Is your website getting enough visitors?

Are your competitors on the top search results pages but your are not?

At TCK Media, we have a lot of experience in getting our clients to the top 10 placement on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages.) This lucrative position generates unlimited qualified leads.

The work begins with careful analysis of your target audience and their behaviour on the search engines (such as what phrases they use to search.) Next we look at the competition in your particular market.

Once these important aspects are established, we begin the process of optimizing your website respective to the behaviour of searchers and the efforts of your competition. This process is three-fold. First the web pages themselves need to be optimized. Second, an incoming quality link-building strategy must be employed. Third, a monthly SEO strategy is implemented. All three processes harmonize to work together to reach one goal: elevate your website to number 1 status when any prospect searches for your services or products.

All performance is monitored. Traffic is tracked to ensure best quality of it is reaching your site. Monthly reporting is provided. Efforts are adjusted as needed based on incoming feedback.