Shell Commands

Find a file (i.e. httpd.conf)

find / -name httpd.conf

Deleting all files matching a pattern

find ./ -name ".orig" -exec rm -rf {} \;

Delete Files

rm file1 # delete a file (use -i to ask whether sure)
rm -rf dir1 # like above, but don't ask if we have a -i alias

Copy Files

cp file1 file2 # copy file1 to file2
cp file1 directory # copy file1 into directory
cp file1 file2 file3 ... directory # copy files into directory
cp -R dir1 dir2/ # copy dir1 into dir2 including subdirectries
cp -pR dir1 dir2/ # copy directory, preserving permissions

Move/Rename Files
mv # testfile testfile2


mkdir # Make directory
rm -r dir1 # delete a directory and everything in it (CARE!)

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