Monthly SEO

Why Monthly SEO is Important

There are over 1 billion searches performed a day on Google and an overwhelming 94 percent of these click on organic search results. With Google changing their algorithm on a daily basis and competitors doing regular on-going SEO, agencies have a challenge to keep their clients on top of the results with limited budgets and limited time frames. It is important for clients to understand that monthly SEO is critical to their short and long term success.

There is a reason why the organic search results are called just that, organic. Because like organic things in the real world will wither and die if they are not fed regularly, so too will any organic search results gains wither into nothingness if they are not fed with a consistent and significant SEO program. Some or many companies like to keep their website’s search ranking on constant life-support by doing SEO once or twice a year. However, the reality is that the first results served by the search engines such as Google and Bing are the most trusted by searchers and receive the majority of business from these search engines. These are the results that will make or break a business, that will separate the successful company from their struggling competition.

What is included in the monthly SEO?

  • Ranking report
  • Analytics report
  • Traffic audits (keyword vs conversion tracking, counter measures, etc.)
  • Building high-quality incoming links/removing low-quality links
  • Building social media presence (growing likes/links/followers/etc.)
  • Competition monitoring (is competition moving up/down, taking counter measures, etc.)
  • Content SEO (checking bounce rates, tuning on-page SEO, implementing needed changes, keeping content fresh, etc.)
  • Countering changes to search engine algorithms

The monthly SEO should be aggressively constant until the number 1 position is reached. However to ensure continued success, at the very least, monthly reporting and traffic auditing should be made and any counter measures implemented right away as a result.

When you consider the cost of reaching the size of audience you can find online to other forms of media, such as print or television, SEO and organic search results is by far the most cost effective and most valuable marketing option. As a business owner and advertiser, you simply could not and should not ignore this fact. If you are not fully taking advantage of this venue then you are spending way too much on advertising for the results you’re getting or you are not making much money with your website.