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Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress security is a growing concern as the popularity of this software continues to grow. The great thing about open source software such as WordPress is that it is available to everyone for free. The worst thing about open source software is that it is available to everyone for free. Although this great piece of […]

Tips for Writing SEO Web Content

Content is one of the most critical aspects of SEO. Without quality content it is near impossible to rank well on the search results pages. This is because the Web is all about content. Content is what pushes up the value of the website and the search engines. Search engines want to present the best […]

Search Engine Optimization Basics

If you opt to build your own site either using one of the online website builders or software such as Adobe Dreamweaver or similar, learning basic search engine optimization (SEO for short) is something you can pick up quickly. Ranking well, on the other hand, is an art and takes time to master. In this […]

Top 10 Internet Marketing Mistakes Made by Businesses

Many small business owners don’t realize that they can do much to contribute to the online marketing of their websites with little effort or money, or do a lot of damage. Here is a list of the top 10 Internet marketing mistakes made by businesses and how to avoid them. 1. Not having a regularly […]

Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Today is the official roll out of the Google mobile-friendly update. This means that mobile-friendly websites will get a boost in ranking while non-mobile-friendly sites will be forced to either become mobile-friendly or be dropped further down in the search engine results. According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, the boost in ranking will only be […]

Top 10 Travel Marketing Tips

The Web has helped open up the incredible variety of options for tourists. Today, most people prefer to search the Web for hotel, flight, and tours, and by-pass the travel agent altogether. This, in turn, has great benefits for the hospitality industry, especially the boutique hotels and tour operators. The Web offers these travel businesses […]