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Be Extremely Wary of Those that Promote Building a Website in Quick and Easy Steps

There are many individuals and companies promoting the idea of building websites very quickly and easily with little technical knowledge and, even being able to build websites for free. Many are quite simply marketing scams designed to sucker in the inexperienced and then charge them for so-called ‘premium’ features. Others are just dangerous and careless […]

Basic Shell Commands

acroread – Read or print a PDF file. cat – Send a file to the screen in one go. Useful for piping to other programs cat file1 # list file1 to screen cat file1 file2 file3 > outfile # add files together into outfile cat *.txt > outfile # add all .txt files together cat file1 file2 […]

Shell Commands

Find a file (i.e. httpd.conf) find / -name httpd.conf Deleting all files matching a pattern find ./ -name “.orig” -exec rm -rf {} \; Delete Files rm file1 # delete a file (use -i to ask whether sure) rm -rf dir1 # like above, but don’t ask if we have a -i alias Copy Files […]

How Hackers Can Exploit Your WordPress Site

Being the most popular content management platform, as WordPress is, means that it also is a favorite target for hacker attacks. Also the fact that the core application is open source (i.e. free to download) means that hackers can get their hands on the source code and look for backdoors (i.e. ways or holes in […]

E-commerce Tips

E-commerce is the business of buying and selling products online. Anytime there is a purchase over the Internet in exchange for goods, whether physical or digital, a website must have e-commerce functionality. This basically entails having a way to accept online payments and take orders that then can be fulfilled either offline, for physical goods, […]