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Domain Names and SEO

There are many factors effecting search engine optimization and ultimately placement in the search engine results pages. One of the most overlooked factors is the domain name. Too many businesses don’t spend the necessary time and resources to research the best possible domain for their business. This is a very important step since the domain […]

Dot Com Has Reached 30 Years. Will It Last Another 30?

Exactly 30 years ago last Sunday (March 15th, 1985) was registered the very first dot com domain: Symbolics. It was registered by a computer tech company that has since long gone bankrupt and today it is owned by XF.com investments. They have built the site into kind of an Internet nostalgia website. CNN.com has published […]

When Should You Consider a Website Redesign

A well built and designed website should last and be an agent of profit to a company for years. Now, whether this is few or many years really depends on the company itself and the changing winds of its goals, market needs, competition, offerings, etc. However, there are times when a redesign should be considered […]

Why Monthly SEO is Important

There are over 1 billion searches performed a day on Google and an overwhelming 94 percent of these click on organic search results. With Google changing their algorithm on a daily basis and competitors doing regular on-going SEO, agencies have a challenge to keep their clients on top of the results with limited budgets and […]

Cost of a 30 Second Commercial

Each year Ad Age does a survey of the cost of a 30 second ad for all prime time shows on the major networks and below are the prices for this fall’s prime time show advertising slot. This should put in perspective the pricing related to online organic and pay-per-click search marketing. The overall average […]

Tips for Starting an E-business

Before starting an e-business project, you need to decide what it is that you will be selling. How will you monetize your online business? How will your site be monetized? Advertising (Get-Paid-Per-Click) The easiest form of monetization is the selling of pay-per-click advertising. Programs such as the Google Adsense program has made this a virtual […]